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A Message From Jafar Musa

Please help me support and give back to the foundation that gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams in America. As the first beneficiary of their scholarship program in America, I can proudly say that my dreams of getting an education and using that education to give back to my family and community in Nigeria is my biggest accomplishment. With your prayers and support, we can impact lives and share smiles together. Thank you!

About This Campaign

This year for My Dream Project we want to empower YOU to take the lead in helping to fuel the dreams of A2S youth and their communities. We believe that the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education, and we are asking YOU to help us educate those around you about the mission of Access to Success to provide education and opportunities to Nigerian youth and their communities.

From November to December, through faithful supporters such as yourself, we are going to spread the good news of what A2S is doing to give youth the education and opportunity to dream. Our goal is to have friends of A2S commit to creatively raise $540 before the end of 2019. Why $540? Because it costs approximately $540 to feed and send one child to the After School Academy for the 2020 year. Are you willing to take the challenge?

We want to hear about your fundraising ideas! You can use this fundraising platform, where you can personalize your campaign OR you can use facebook or instagram. Make sure you tag us, so we know how to best support your efforts!

We are so grateful for you and all of your support throughout the years! With your help, this is going to be one of the best My Dream Project campaigns to date!
  1. Charlotte Danner
    Charlotte Danner gave a $55.15 donation to support Jafar Musa
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  2. Al and Brenda Beisser
    Al and Brenda Beisser gave a $50 donation to support Jafar Musa
    7 months ago · Like
    • TIffany Wilkinson
      TIffany Wilkinson

      Thank you so much for supporting A2S! Your contribution is such a gift to this organization!

      7 months ago · Like
  3. Chris Beisser
    Chris Beisser gave a $500 donation to support Jafar Musa
    7 months ago · Like
    • TIffany Wilkinson
      TIffany Wilkinson

      Word cannot express how grateful we are for the Beissers. Thank you for empower dreams in SO many ways!!!! We love you!

      7 months ago · Like
  4. King Mawhinney
    King Mawhinney gave a $147.99 donation to support Jafar Musa
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁‼️
    8 months ago · Like · 1 person likes this.
    • TIffany Wilkinson
      TIffany Wilkinson

      Merry Christmas, indeed!! Thank you, Mr. King and thank you Jafar for helping to spread the word and for always being such a beautiful piece in this God story we call A2S. We love you!

      8 months ago · Like