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As the 2019 year comes to a close, my family and I have decided to take on a challenge. These next few months are about gratitude and giving, and while we always try to give back to our community, the past few years, we've also given globally.

Access to Success (A2S) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the children and community of Benin City, Nigeria. Since 2013, A2S has been providing educational opportunities so that children kids can live out God’s plan of a hope-filled future. (Check out their website for more info:

It costs approximately $540 USD for a child to attend their After School Academy. The crazy thing is, $540 isn't just after school care. It's also scholarship so that they can attend regular schooling, it helps fund their school supplies, tutoring, uniforms and basic clothing, a wholesome meal each day, AND loving care from locally trained staff at the end of each school day. These kids are THRIVING, and it is because of organizations like A2S that they are more confident than ever, that they will be the generation that will break the cycle of poverty in Nigeria.

Would you be willing to help us send a kid to the After School Academy for a year? Any amount will help! $1 goes such a long way. ALSO!!! A2S has a friend who is willing to match up to $10,000.00. That means that $1 becomes $2, $10 becomes $20, and one kid becomes TWO!

Let's change the world together.
We love you!!!
Tiffany, the Hammers & the Nunns


About This Campaign

This year for My Dream Project we want to empower YOU to take the lead in helping to fuel the dreams of A2S youth and their communities. We believe that the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education, and we are asking YOU to help us educate those around you about the mission of Access to Success to provide education and opportunities to Nigerian youth and their communities.

From November to December, through faithful supporters such as yourself, we are going to spread the good news of what A2S is doing to give youth the education and opportunity to dream. Our goal is to have friends of A2S commit to creatively raise $540 before the end of 2019. Why $540? Because it costs approximately $540 to feed and send one child to the After School Academy for the 2020 year. Are you willing to take the challenge?

We want to hear about your fundraising ideas! You can use this fundraising platform, where you can personalize your campaign OR you can use facebook or instagram. Make sure you tag us, so we know how to best support your efforts!

We are so grateful for you and all of your support throughout the years! With your help, this is going to be one of the best My Dream Project campaigns to date!
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    • TIffany Wilkinson
      TIffany Wilkinson

      We love you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving to support these AMAZING children. Thank you for being so generous, always.

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