About This Campaign

We are adding a little POP to our new end-of year-giving campaign, The Dream Project! When you take The Balloon Challenge, you empower Nigerian youth to achieve their dreams.

Step 1. Accept the challenge by making a donation.
Step 2. Create a short video telling the world that you took the #A2SBalloonChallenge!
Step 3. Post your video, tagging and challenging 1 or more friends to join you. (Tag us too! @a2sfoundation)

As a matter of fact ... after each donation, A2S kids will pop a balloon and share their dreams via social media! More donations = more dreams revealed! 

Who will be the first to take the challenge?

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.
The vision of A2S is that each child/person in Nigeria finds a dignified path to a successful life and is empowered to live out God’s plan for a future filled with hope.
Access to Success

Campaign to Support Access to Success

Access to Success provides sustainable programs that generate positive change for Nigerian children and their communities. Children in Nigeria have dreams. But they rarely have hope. A2S provides education, athletic and empowerment programs, and basic human needs - we give access to necessary tools that empower children and give them hope for a future outside of poverty. With your support, we are impacting children, families and communities. 

  1. Stephen Rossiter
    Stephen Rossiter gave a donation
    about 17 hours ago · Like
  2. Anderson Marvin gave a $50 donation
    about 18 hours ago · Like
  3. Reiley Burris
    Reiley Burris gave a $30 donation
    1 day ago · Like
  4. Doug Eichhorn
    Doug Eichhorn gave a donation
    Love the way A2S makes dreams come true!
    3 days ago · Like
  5. Megan Sneed
    Megan Sneed gave a $31.95 donation
    I am honored and blessed to be part of this wonderful organization and to be able to give to a cause that touches so many lives. Thank you for all that you do both in the United States and in Nigeria!
    7 days ago · Like
  6. Robin Monty
    Robin Monty gave a $53.04 donation
    Happy to continue supporting such great work and success!
    7 days ago · Like
  7. Loree Lipstein
    Loree Lipstein gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Morgan Clark
    This donation is in honor of Morgan Clark and all her great work with A2S!
    11 days ago · Like
  8. Eleni Patounas
    Eleni Patounas gave a $105.79 donation
    Happy to continue to support such great work!
    12 days ago · Like
  9. Matt Williams
    Matt Williams gave a $105.79 donation
    13 days ago · Like
  10. Allison Cowie
    Allison Cowie gave a $32.28 donation
    Inspired by Nathan Ekwu!
    14 days ago · Like
  11. Malcolm Wynter
    Malcolm Wynter gave a $31.95 donation
    14 days ago · Like
  12. Rachel Hall
    Rachel Hall gave a $250 donation
    14 days ago · Like
  13. Katherine Kerr
    Katherine Kerr gave a $31.95 donation
    15 days ago · Like
  14. John Falconi
    John Falconi gave a $30 donation
    for the Balloon Challenge
    15 days ago · Like
  15. Kerri Crutchfield
    Kerri Crutchfield gave a $31.95 donation
    16 days ago · Like
  16. An anonymous donation of $30 has been made
    17 days ago · Like
  17. Lenzy King
    Lenzy King gave a $158.53 donation
    Balloon Pop challenge accepted from Lindsay Biggers!
    18 days ago · Like
  18. Nosakhare Orobor
    Nosakhare Orobor gave a $30 donation
    19 days ago · Like
  19. Vera Ellong
    Vera Ellong gave a $40 donation
    19 days ago · Like
  20. Erica Madden
    Erica Madden gave a $50 donation
    Dream big kiddos!
    20 days ago · Like
  21. Georgia
    Georgia gave a $30 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Mary and Tyndall Harris
    20 days ago · Like
  22. Hollins Worsley
    Hollins Worsley gave a $31.95 donation
    21 days ago · Like
  23. King Mawhinney
    King Mawhinney gave a $184.91 donation
    Balloon Challenge
    21 days ago · Like
  24. Jafar
    Jafar gave a $30 donation
    21 days ago · Like
  25. Seyi Ayodele
    Seyi Ayodele gave a $31.95 donation
    Thank you A2S and every member of the foundation. We appreciate all the support you’ve been giving to every kid back in Africa.🙏🏽
    21 days ago · Like
    • Access to Success
      Access to Success

      we are grateful for you! Thank you for helping to empower their dreams!

      21 days ago · Like
  26. Benson Egemonye
    Benson Egemonye gave a $50 donation
    21 days ago · Like
  27. Doria Greenidge
    Doria Greenidge gave a $31.95 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Darlin’ Duree
    21 days ago · Like
  28. Tiffany Wesson
    Tiffany Wesson gave a $31.95 donation
    Dont stop until your dream is alive!
    22 days ago · Like
  29. Patrick Ingram
    Patrick Ingram gave a $53.60 donation
    22 days ago · Like
    • Access to Success
      Access to Success

      Thank you so much Patrick! We emailed you a special video to show our appreciation. :-)

      22 days ago · Like
  30. Mehmet Civi
    Mehmet Civi gave a $53.04 donation
    22 days ago · Like