MEALATHON 2017: Full bellies, full minds.

MEALATHON 2017: Full bellies, full minds.

About This Campaign

- Let's raise $50,000 in the 5th Annual A2S Meal-A-Thon!

- Reaching this goal will provide a hot meal every day for the 250 children in the A2S Feeding program.

- In addition, your support will feed the 2500 children at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp for one week a month throughout 2018.

- With your help, we have served over 330,000 meals through the A2S Feeding Program since 2013.

- For more information, visit
Access to Success

Campaign to Support Access to Success

Access to Success provides sustainable programs that generate positive change for Nigerian children and their communities. Children in Nigeria have dreams. But they rarely have hope. A2S provides education, athletic and empowerment programs, and basic human needs - we give access to necessary tools that empower children and give them hope for a future outside of poverty. With your support, we are impacting children, families and communities. 


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