Soulful Celebration: Seeing Challenges as Opportunities

Soulful Celebration: Seeing Challenges as Opportunities

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I know we all have a lengthy list of could have, should have, would have during this uncertain, unpredictable year. My list includes my annual trip to visit my Nigerian family with Access to Success. We were forced to cancel our July vision trip and put a hold on several of the Entrepreneur Empowerment programs we typically administer. It feels sad, disappointing... and like something is missing from my life.

BUT, there has been something powerful about 2020, and watching how different people react in crisis and challenge. Our team on ground is very adept at turning challenges into opportunities. It is the very reason A2S exists and is successful. Because no one sees a mountain too high to climb. They see an opportunity to shift and get creative with how they work, serve, and love. We are still educating. We are still empowering. We are still singing (wait until you see the music videos they produced - coming soon!). We are still growing businesses and learning how to adapt as entrepreneurs. It makes me proud.

In honor of A2S's 10-year anniversary, I am pledging to match all gifts made to this page up to $2,500! Thank you for supporting this necessary work.
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Access to Success

Campaign to Support Access to Success

Access to Success provides sustainable programs that generate positive change for Nigerian children and their communities. Children in Nigeria have dreams. But they rarely have hope. A2S provides education, athletic and empowerment programs, and basic human needs - we give access to necessary tools that empower children and give them hope for a future outside of poverty. With your support, we are impacting children, families and communities. 

  1. Stephen Davey
    Stephen Davey gave a $266.83 donation
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  2. Jim Lawruk gave a $50 donation
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  3. Jason and Megan  Sneed
    Jason and Megan Sneed gave a $507 donation
    We are missing this year's celebration of a wonderful organization that we love to support. It has been a challenging year, full of uncertainty, doubt and frustration. Yet, there is hope, and one place it can be found without fail, is in organizations like Access2Success that bring so much light to the world. Cheers to a decade of transforming lives locally, nationally, and globally!
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  4. Jason and Megan  Sneed
    Jason and Megan Sneed gave a $63.59 donation
    Congratulations on a decade of impact, growth and giving! Excited to see what the next decade brings!
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  5. Sarah Steele
    Sarah Steele gave a $105.79 donation
    Sorry your trip was disrupted this year! Your support from afar is just as meaningful! ~Sarah & Brian~
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  6. Kevin Madden
    Kevin Madden gave a $79.42 donation
    Proud of the work you do. Love, Dad
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  7. The Robert and Sherry Guth Foundation
    The Robert and Sherry Guth Foundation gave a $1,200 donation
    Hi Erica. What a great cause. We're very happy to help a little bit and hope the fundraising is a big success! See you soon. Bob & Sherry
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  8. Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke gave a $105.79 donation
    Thank you for the work you do!
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  9. Tom Watson
    Tom Watson gave a $53.04 donation
    Keep up your good work, Erica.
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  10. George McLendon
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  11. Cristina Shaul gave a $50 donation
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  12. Joseph Lawruk
    Joseph Lawruk gave a $211.28 donation
    May God bless you wonderful work!
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  13. Rachel Killeen
    Rachel Killeen gave a $53.04 donation
    Good luck! Love what you’re doing.
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  14. Megan Hughes
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