A2S Mother's Day

A2S Mother's Day

About This Campaign

Step 1: Make a donation of $30 or more to A2S in honor or memory of the woman who has made a difference in your life

Step 2: When checking out, be sure to fill in who your donation is honoring or in memory of.

Step 3: Once your donation is complete, we will send you a special, digital card as a gift for your loved one.

Location / Venue

Access to Success

Campaign to Support Access to Success

Access to Success provides sustainable programs that generate positive change for Nigerian children and their communities. Children in Nigeria have dreams. But they rarely have hope. A2S provides education, athletic and empowerment programs, and basic human needs - we give access to necessary tools that empower children and give them hope for a future outside of poverty. With your support, we are impacting children, families and communities. 

  1. Chidiebere West
    Chidiebere West gave a $53.04 donation
    5 months ago · Like
  2. King Mawhinney
    King Mawhinney gave a $158.53 donation
    I’m memory of Ellen King Mawhinney and Mamma Cathy. In honor of Carolyn Cain.
    6 months ago · Like
  3. Morgan Clark
    Morgan Clark gave a donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Katherine Clark
    For Anna Galdi and Katherine Clark - Happy Mother’s Day!
    6 months ago · Like
  4. Kristina
    Kristina gave a $31.95 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Jackie Phillips
    Honoring my mom who has taught me so much about and is an example of love, patience, selflessness, kindness, strength and so much else. I love you Momma P!
    6 months ago · Like
  5. Tiffany Wilkinson
    Tiffany Wilkinson gave a $30 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Holly Worsley
    6 months ago · Like
  6. Tiffany Wilkinson
    Tiffany Wilkinson gave a $31.95 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Georgia Krueger
    6 months ago · Like
  7. Susan Evers
    Susan Evers gave a $316.77 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Virginia Evers
    Honoring my beautiful, funny, loving Mom!!!
    6 months ago · Like · 1 person likes this.